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Massage gun Pro MG (Black)


Pro MG was developed for professional use, but we have now made it available to everyone! Now you can easily give yourself a professional treatment from the comfort of your living room. This version is almost completely silent and incredibly efficient with the strongest motor on the market.
We have tested countless models of massage guns so that you can be sure that you get the best model!
Why use a massage gun?

A massage gun is a hand-held, battery-operated, professional therapy device that provides deep massage to reduce muscle and scene pain, increase mobility and improve performance. It is designed for both professional and personal use. For both young and old!

The massage gun helps relieve tired muscles, stiffness and soreness. The massage gun gives you a better everyday life, without sore muscles and joints!

Advantages of Pro:

Almost silent
A total of 30 different levels
Great design
6 different massage heads
More effective, removes lactic acid faster than before
Opens painful knots and sore muscles
LCD screen with many different functions
1200-3600 vibrations per minute –
The massage gun comes with different heads to reach all areas of the body and it will help you with the following:

Increases blood circulation
Increases lymphatic flow
Opens up tissue
Reduces the lactic acid storage in the muscles
Activates the nervous system and other muscles
Start the device before touching the body. Massage each point for about 60-90 seconds. A full body treatment takes about 15 minutes. You should not use the product on the head, open wounds or intimate areas.

Important information: Always turn off the device before charging. If you charge the device while it is on, the battery will deteriorate and, in the worst case, burn out and be destroyed. It is not recommended to use up all the battery before charging. Charge the device before it goes below 20% battery. These recommendations are for maximum battery life. If these recommendations are not followed, the warranty will be void.

The package contains:

1 x Pro MG Massage gun
1 x Wall charger
6 x different massage heads
1 x Bag which makes it easy to take to training or travelling





Weight: About 1.5kg
Battery capacity: 2500 MAh (approx. 4 hours of use)
Motor: 20w
Impact depth: 12-15mm
Sound: Max 40 db
Frequency: 1200-3600 vibrations per minute
LCD Touch screen with many functions
Warranty: 1 year


Pro MG

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